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Intermountain Interclub Association (IIA)

Murray Silver Blades Figure Skating Club is part of the IIA.

IIA's mission is to provide programs to encourage participation and achievement in the sport of figure skating on ice and particularly: 

To cooperate with and assist member clubs in holding, staging and/or conducting test sessions, exhibitions and competitions;

  • To coordinate the annual calendar;

  • To establish standardized procedures for testing sessions with the IIA;

  • To organize and host officials/judges schools in accordance with USFSA;

  • To participate as a group for the attainment of the objects and purposes of USFSA in accordance with the provisions of the USFSA Bylaws and Official Rules; and

  • To collaborate in the organization of hosting USFSA sanctioned ice skating competitions on local, regional, sectional, national, and international levels.

County Ice Center Free Style and Clinic Session Schedule

**Freestyle sessions are designed for skaters training on their skating skills, jumps, choreography, dance and Moves in the Field (MITF).  All skaters must pay and check in at the front office prior to skating.  Most Ice Centers offers daily freestyle sessions.

US Figure Skating (Association)

The U. S. Figure Skating is the national governing body for ice skating in the United States. U. S. Figure Skating is responsible for selecting the teams that represent the United States in the Olympic Winter Games, the World Championships, and other major national and international figure skating events. It is also the role of U. S. Figure Skating to introduce people of all ages to the sport of ice skating.

American Ice Theatre of Utah Workshops

American Ice Theatre of Utah holds Winter Performance Workshops in which skaters learn an ensemble program during workshop, and then performed at an ice venue in front of a large public audience.  Contact Rachel Peterson (American Ice theatre Co-Director) if you have skaters interested in any of the upcoming workshops. 

And Not So Quick Info

What all parents want to know about testing and competeing:   Check out USFS's  "Pipeline"

Helpful Resources

Parent's Guide to Figure Skating - anything you want to know

Competition Readiness - costume to music

Concussion Information - be aware

USFS Ice Etiquette