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Our  community of great skaters, coaches, and parents, strive at all times to meet the high standards of a Murray Silver Blade.


S  -  Sportsmanship        K  -  Kindness         A  -  Attitude           T  -  Teamwork            E  -  Etiquette           R  -  Respect

Murray Siver Blades has a ZERO TOLERANCE  bullying policy and adheres to the USFS Safe Sport policies.


2018-2019 Club Applications

Club Ice

Membership Fees:

Please click HERE to complete/renew your membership application and pay membership fees: 

$145.00 Full Members

$100.00 for Introductory Members     

$55.00 Introductory Members (Partial Year)

$75.00 For Collegiate Members

$70.00 for Professional Members

$65.00 for Associate Members

$80.00 for Additional Skating Members 

$25.00 for Supporting Members 

Click HERE for renewal instructions.  (You may also pay for Club Ice at this time.)

Please note that membership fees are non-refundable, however, a percentage of your membership fee is transferable if requested.

2018-2019 Introductory Members:

Membership fees for Introductory Members are $100.00.  Half year Membership fees for Introductory Members are $55.00  and are available to those registering after January 1st, 2017.   Please click HERE  to register.  (You may also pay for Club Ice at this time.)

Paying for Minors: Parents/repsonsible parties MUST ALSO register themselves (registration fee of $0.00) on EntryEeze.com as a "Parent" in order to complete the registration for a minor.  Enter all information requested and select "Parent" as a membership option.  

Ice Time Fees

You may prepay for the 2018-2019 Season Club Ice with a credit card by

clicking HERE.   

You may also pay by cash or check payable to MSBFSC.

Ice fees are as noted:  $6.00 per night,  pre-pay $100.00 for the 20 session** 2018-2019 season.

**These sessions do not include show practice or exhibitions. 

  • The show practice ice fees are now included in the Show Registration Fee.
  • The fee for exhibition nights will be $6 for those who who are elegable and choose to skate in the Exhibition.


Tuesday Nights (September - May)

Open skate (Test Preliminary skaters and skaters ages13+) - 5:15pm to 5:45pm

Clinic  - 5:45pm to 6:15pm
Open skate (Non-Test skaters, (Pre-Pre)) - 6:15pm to 6:45pm

*test skaters: those who have passed their Pre-Preliminary Free Skate test or higher


Off-Ice Conditioning:

Tuesday Nights (September - May)

  • Non-Test skaters - 5:10pm to 5:40pm
  • Test skaters and skaters ages13+ - 6:20pm to 6:50pm
  • Class fees are as noted:  $5.00 per night (cash or Venmo)

Volunteer Hours

Club skaters over the age of 18 and parents of (or parties responsible for) club skaters are required to volunteer a minimum of 10 hours per 1st club skater, 5 hours per addtional club skater, with a family maximum requirement of 20 hours, per membership season. To opt out of volunteering, volunteer hours may be purchased at a charge of $20.00 per hour to fulfill volunteer requirements.

To meet your volunteer hour requirement, go to our Bulletin Board and/or Event page and sign up for various activities!  Opportunities are always being added, especially before the Pre-Season Social, the Halloween and Spring Ice Shows, Holiday Showcase, End-of-Season Recognition Ceremony, Test Sessions, and Exhibition Sessions.  We have many monthly club activities planned for our skaters that sometimes require a few extra hands.  Adiitionally, you can provide coaches' dinners to help meet your commitment.

This year we will be hosting the Intermountain Classic competiotion and we will be counting on our volunteers to make this a successful event!  MORE INFO COMING SOON!

Grant Program

The grant program was established primarily to recognize skater achievements and to assist skaters and professionals with event registration/travel/trial judging expenses.  Five (5) additional hours of volunteer time must be served in order to apply for a grant. 

Download the Grant Program Rules and Guidelines
Download and submit the Application  to any Board member.

Information Sign Up

Sign-Up Sheets, along with current Club information will be posted on the MSBFSC bulletin board/case located on the EAST wall of the County Ice Center.

Also, information on our great coaches can be found on the Coaches Board, located opposite the front desk.

Upcoming Competitions & Testing

To see competitions and test sessions in various states, go to




Reimbursement Expenses

Please e-mail all requests for reimbursement to the Treasurer.

Important Documents