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5201 South Murray Park Lane

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No problem, sign up and get all these great benefits:

  • Access to Club Ice at the County Ice Center (5201 So. Murray Park Lane, Murray)
  • Skate in two AWESOME ice shows (Halloween and Spring)
  • Membership to US Figure Skating Association and a monthly subscription to Skating Magazine
  • Eligibility to compete in U.S. Figure Skating sanctioned competitions
  • Partake in "Exhibition" Club Ice sessions (competition "dress rehearsals")
  • Members over the age of 18 may serve on the MSBFSC Board of Directors, as well as vote on club issues
  • Partake in skating clinics sponsored by the MSBFSC
  • Fun activities including: opening and closing socials, monthly off ice activities, Club sleepover, 4th of July Parade, exhibitions, skating showcases, fun service projects, birthday fun, in-house test sessions, and more!!!
  • and most importantly, an opportunity to meet great friends (and parents) who share a love for ice skating



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Frequently Asked Questions

When is a good time to join a skating club?  

**We encourage skaters that have completed/nearly completed the Basic Skills courses taught in a "Learn to Skate" program to apply for club membership.

Do I have to participate in competitions or shows as a member of the Club?

**No, you do not. Two of the benefits of Club membership are that you MAY participate in competitions and/or shows!

Do I have to have a coach and take private lessons?  

**No, you do not.  However many of our members do take private lessons at this rink and at other rinks.  Most coaches teach at several rinks.

How do I pick a coach?

**USFSA has recommendations on how to find the right coach for your skater.  You can also refer to the Coaches page on this site.

Do I have to purchase MSBFSC logo "gear" to skate with the Club?

**No, you do not.

Do I have to have my own skates?

**You do not.  However, as you progress, you will find that it is better to have your own skates.  Used skates can be found in second-hand sport shops, on-line, and at skate swaps held throughout the Valley.  New skates can be found at many of the ice rink pro-shops, sport shops, skate competitions,and at skate swaps.  You should talk to a coach (even if you don't have one) who can advise you, and many times can order skates at a discounted rate.

Do I have to pay the County facility front desk when I come to Club Ice?

**No.  You pay only the Ice Monitors at the ice sheet gate.

How do I register for membership using EntryEeze?

**Click HERE for Membership/Renewal Instructions.

Testing Sessions and Competitions:  What to sign up for....

USFS has an over view of the skating "pipeline".  Your coach will help you select the appropriate tests and competition levels.